Colleges have begun releasing their decisions! Thus far, our college counseling students have received 74 acceptances and only 3 rejections!! 74:3 is a remarkable ratio, considering the reach and high reach schools on our students’ lists. We are incredibly proud of our students who work so hard to accomplish their dreams.

Many begin working with Stacy Padula on test prep and college counseling as early as their sophomore year. It’s never too late to get started (until the deadline of course), but early planning allows for time to complete tasks to set yourself apart from your peers! This is Stacy’s speciality. She will help you start a business, sign up for college classes, complete an internship, job-shadow—whatever it takes for you to become a standout candidate for your major!

Contact us to learn more about our college counseling and tutoring services. You can read our client testimonials here.

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